Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Starbucks Identity

Does the future of striking brand personality lie in 'minimalism'? At least Starbucks thinks so. The worlds largest coffeehouse company has just unleashed their new corporate image. But Starbucks fanatics do not seem to be very impressed. There has been over 150 responses on the company's website asking for the Seattle company name to be reinstated. It is true that the company or brand name plays a significant role in a brand image. I wonder how Starbucks will make its presence felt in the new markets? I'm sure there are people who've heard of Starbucks but are not familiar with their logo. Now, how would they react if Starbucks moved to their town with this new logo which does not have their name in it. Isn't Brand perception lost at some level then? Riding on the assumed brand awareness is a bold move to make when you're targeting new markets. Especially, when every traditional and new media is saturated with brands competing for attention.

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